Popping my Collar

I spoke, but she didn’t speak Back; hope she didn’t think I was like the rest of them, because that thinking is Wack; it’s like an indictment with no Facts; it’s really a mindset with a lot of Lack; is it a brain on Crack or is it a character with a Crack.  I’m in my feelings!  She probably thought I was trying to Holler, so I had to put my mental swag on and pop my Collar.  It was a tough pill to Swallower, because I spoke with innocence, I wasn’t trying to Wild-her or Wow-her, but I’m above the rim, so I’m going to continue to pop my Collar and keep it flowing like a Scholar and keep it Flier…….than the one they pass out.  To many of them, to let one get you unraveled…lol Ya Dig! #Pull up


You’re Amazing to GOD

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, teacher, and servant. Send all invites to Richard Cook P.O Box 31702 Baltimore, MD 21207

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