Every Like Can’t turn into a Love:

They talk the talk to get you, act in a certain light to make you rethink what you think is best, then when you give in, you realized you should’ve walked by Faith and not by Sight.  Your Faith told you that you were doing the Right thing by Not giving in, but their actions (what you were seeing) made you think that your Faith was leading you in the Wrong direction.  Always go with your Faith because your sight can be tainted by your current yearnings, predicament, and desires. And you can’t Fast Forward feelings that you have to Play out and you can’t press Rewind  and Erase a Tape that’s already been Mentally Recorded.  The old song you to say, “Smiling faces tell lies” They will do anything to Get you but not Everything to Keep you!

+Dr. Cook-The relationship Guru

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, teacher, and servant. Send all invites to Richard Cook P.O Box 31702 Baltimore, MD 21207

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