A Dream Come True

Several months ago, my son came to stay with me. At first, when his mother asked me, I said I don’t think so, but GOD told me to say Yes. I was reluctant, because at the time, I was taking care of my mom full-time due to a life threatening accident, I didn’t have a job, and TO ME, I wasn’t mentally, emotionally, spiritually or financially equipped to deal with it because i was barely making it. I called her back and I said YES. I went to pick him up, and he was crying…I said LORD I can’t deal with this. I had to go downtown to get my name on his birth certificate, because when his name was changed to my last name they neglected to put my name on the certificate in error. I had to prop my mother up, feed her, take her to the bathroom and situate her just so i could go to the court house to get his birth certificate right, in order for him to attend school in the county. It was rough. I got parking tickets that I couldn’t afford, and i was frustrated with GOD because i couldn’t understand why this was happening. After going all over the place, i finally got him in school, and he help keep my mother comfortable by looking at Family Feud with her. I was taking care of two people at one time, while borrowing money to go the prison and speak, go to discipleship at church, go to church, etc. I was on the verge of just losing it. I remember sitting on Reisterstown Plaza parking lot ready too run away. We were living off of my mom short term disability. You think you know, but you really don’t. I remember sharing what I was going through to someone in church, so after service one day, while in line at a cafe, they put my situation out there, and I just left mad at GOD, they asked me did i want something, and i said no; then they said c’mon and get something, then they put me out there about being broke, etc. It was crazy, because I don’t get irate or act out, i just walk away. Then, I finally got a job but couldn’t take it, because my mom wasn’t healed. Now she is walking, and doing well, he is getting all A’s and is apart of the activities, etc. Yesterday, a dream came true for me. I was helping my son with his homework. The question was asked on the homework, who is your best friend? And he said my dad and he is funny. I couldn’t stop crying. For some, dreams are in money, but for me, this made all i went through well worth it. I don’t want GOD to ever take His hand off of me. When you think you can’t make it, GOD says you can. Everything is going to work in our favor!~richard cook


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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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