About Last Night

About Last Night: While sleeping outside with the homeless last night, things happened that I wasn’t ready for. I was laying on the ground having an awesome time laughing with the fellows as they told me their stories. I was laying on the ground, and one of the guys let me use his bag of clothes as a pillow. Out of no where, a guy came. They said that I was laying in his spot, and he might get mad. He started talking about smacking this other guy for giving his spot away. I asked him did he want me to move, and he said, “Naw you good Redz” (I didn’t know I was light skinned) He was in need of a blanket, of which I brought three down with me. He was being rude, and told the other guy that he needed a blanket bad because he was cold. I gave him the one that covered me. The other guy shared his bananas with me, and as I ate the bananas, I looked over and the rude guy had rolled up his pants leg and started shooting dope in his leg. I was blown, because it brought flashbacks of how I used to give Ms. Charlene dope to test for me before I would sell it on the streets, to make sure it was good; and she would shoot the dope in her neck. I said if I ever saw someone doing that, I would do something. But I was laying there scared to do something, because I didn’t know what to do. As I laid there looking at him pluck the needle, I asked God what to do. It was at that time that the guy I was talking to spark some weed. I was like in my mind, “How can you be homeless with dope and weed?” I quickly turned on Pandora on my cell phone and put it on speaker so everyone could hear it and Jonathan Nelson was on Expect the Great. I couldn’t say anything to them about it because it wasn’t my place. I jumped up and said, ” God is great…Let’s pray!” As a result, all of the men in that corner got Saved. I went to sleep cold. About 5 am, the guy that was in the video with me, turned his wheelchair to me, trying to wake me up, because he was shivering really bad; all he had on was a jacket. I jumped up and took my remaining blankets and wrapped it around him. He had a bag on his foot, because of a major infection, but by him being paralyzed I had to lift his feet up and wrap them. Lol, he asked me had I ever worked in the hospital before. I told him no, but I feel like my assignment was to make sure you were covered…lol. I walked around and prayed for all of them. it was about 35 all together. I left crying, because they thought that I blessed them, but they were the ones who really blessed me. Lol, I went to visit this church at 10 am smelling like them, and the girl act like she didn’t want to hug me when the preacher said hug your neighbor because of the smell…..lol, but that’s fine because I know a group of people who will always welcome me. Stinky and all. God is Awesome. You don’t have to have money to be a blessing, because your biggest blessing is just being there. We win!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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