An Admirable Love

Love 101: Love is Affordable, it is Adorable, it is Admirable, but if treated wrong; it can turn into a Memorial. We take meeting someone for Granted; like they cloned that person somewhere else on the Planet, so we get cocky wit love and Can it, or we put it on a shelf and Can it, without really trying or authentically raising the question “Can it?”. Sure it Can! To me, I believe in love at first Sight, I also believe in love in the middle of the Night, the kinda Love that’s gives you a spiritual climax and not a Nite Nite! Get your mind out the gutter. .lol. Sometimes love is Unfair, it’s not the love we should blame, but it’s the one who looks at love as Unaffordable, they’re the culprits that don’t Care. They don’t see the Admiration in it so they don’t want to be the Administration in it, so they mistreat love and the other person that is in it to win It! DANG BAE! So, my plea is that you love love the right Way, it will cure you every which Way, just remember love lives on street that’s a two Way, it at the Cross that love was demonstrated in an unconditional Way. It’s Affordable, Admirable, and Adorable. ..but it’s not for Adolescents. Ouch! It operates in a No Flex Zone!~cook

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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