Biggest Lesson Learned in 2014 (Part 1)

One of my biggest lessons in 2014:  Never allow other people’s perception of you to dictate your actions of how you treat them, speak to them, and how you alter your behavior to justify their perception of you. The way I dress, talk, and walk would suggest to some that I am arrogant, cocky, or proud because most cannot Separate their Mis-perceptions from Fact. For years, I have heard this, so for years I have Dummied down to others because this is how I was Trained to be as to how a Christian should look and talk.  “You have to be all things to all people” From peers to family, I hid Behind their perception because we think that if 80% of the people are saying this in Different areas of Baltimore, then THIS MUST BE TRUE! THIS IDEOLOGY KEEPS US BOUND!  However, if we have 80% of those people who don’t know what confidence LOOKS LIKE, high self esteem LOOKS LIKE, and proud to be alive LOOKS like, then those 80% are walking around with an a bundle of mis-perceptions truncated in a cesspool of idiocies.  We live in a society of deprivation, depression, and negativity and we assess people NOT for who they are, but we reduce them down to whatever we are going through, what we don’t like in ourselves, or we become unconsciously coveting of others awareness of who they are. So, we say more stuff about them out of our Mis-perceptions and not the Truth. Help me GOD! So we have more people with No self esteem or Low self esteem than those with a High Self esteem. So those who question themselves or FEEL as if they Can’t …(do whatever) will abase those that CAN. For example, you have the supervisor wishing could do the job like the employee, but instead of her celebratind and trying to understand the employee…she Attacks and tries to dismantle the employee so instead of learning she wants to hurt and destroy the employee.  (Part 2 Coming up)  

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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