Change Isn’t Easy (Part 1)

I remember how I used to walk around with my emotions on my sleeve, because in elementary and middle school folk used to pick on me.So when I got to high school I felt I had to prove ME, so I would drink, smoke, girls, fight,etc.After high school, I would fight-I Mean fight. In fact, when I got maced it was so horrific that I wanted to die. I told GOD that I wanted to be respected for who I am, and not force people to respect me. Because all of us have had a WHY conversation with GOD.So for years, I thought I had overcome my emotional shallowness, but all I was doing was suppressing it.(Let be more transparent).As time went on people would say malicious things to me and it would affect me,and because I’m a Christian I couldn’t respond the way I wanted to respond and it would Eat Me Up just knowing that a Weak person got out on me.Ugh! I know I could say something that would cut them down, but I can’t because I’m trying to be Christ like.So, I had to think different..Richard no longer could be who He is,Richard had to be who he is called to be.See, our issue isn’t in people, but our issue is in ourselves.( YOU WASN’T READY FOR THAT ONE) Our issue is in our emotions and ego…its in our stinking thinking.So what happened Cook? I stop seeking to be understood& I start seeking to understanding.(I will finish Monday)

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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