Cheater 101: She asked how does she know if her mate cheating?  I’m going to make my answer non gender specific. The best way to find out is to pray and seek GOD for the answer.  Going through the phone, looking for issues, looking through Facebook. will do two things:  It will heighten his/her awareness that you are looking which will make him/her cover their tracks better, and it will create unwanted tension that wasn’t there.  It also is creates an ineffectiveness in your life.  Your mind can only handle but so much, so now your mind is cluttered with a Scandal mindset. You can’t look a filthy reality shows because they will Become you.  You will take on the mindset of the show.  See, whenever someone feels like a Suspect they will keep looking over their back.  When you pray, you have to leave it be.  Ask GOD to make it ABSOLUTELY clear to you.  You can’t go to HIM seeking an answer but you want to do your own investigation. I’ve been there.  Per adventure, if you find out on your own without GOD,  your level of emotionalism will be rattled and the results vary but never GOOD.  Just chill and GOD handle it.  You just be ready for further instructions on your next move FROM GOD…not your Heart~ Dr. Cook~relationship guru

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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