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Cook’s Dating Advice..Snow Version- Dating is more that hot coca. You have to be innovative. Have a cook off and cook something together. There has to be some creativity. While the pots are on the stove….turn it down to simmer and then the two of you simmer at the window, and have some dangerous conversation. What’s dangerous conversation Cook? Talk about where you want this relationship to go….the end result. See, if you’re in a relationship and you don’t have any direction for the relationship…….then it’s not a relationship, it’s a co-op or you’re just coexisting. Ummm. Per adventure, the mate can’t handle the conversation, then you have to question their tolerance of the relationship. Yup!…Any relationship that has no elasticity, is a relationship held together by a rubber band that’s soon to dry rot…hope this helps~Minister Richard Cook.

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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