Cook’s Dating Rule #3- Have Principles

I remember dating a young lady who was extremely polished. She had the personality, looks, and education. She has to be one of the greatest women I’ve ever dated. She was a 25 on a scale from 1-10…lol. She was off the charts! We conversed for sometime. One day, we went out,and afterwards we went back to her place. I had the opportunity to meet her children. Cool! We were sitting there and her daughter came running up to me with NO shirt on and a pamper. She was two, and to me, this was Extremely inappropriate. Then, her son jumped off of the banister on my neck; this was inappropriate. Neither of which, the mother didn’t say anything; she just laughed. I quickly put the baby down and continued to talk to the mother for a few more minutes, already KNOWING I was about to cut her off. Why Cook? Because it’s my principle. I don’t like how she let her daughter approach a stranger without shirt on and her son jump on a stranger’s neck. She didn’t know me that well. Her actions told me something about her. She didn’t have disciplined kids, she didn’t consider the saftey of her children, and she was too open with her kids around strange men. This was our official First Date. And a lot of us get involved with the Wrong person, because we put our Principles aside for our desire. We like what we SEE so much, that we forget about the intergrity of who we are. We like the person, so we tolerate their behavior. Tolerance can be emotionally brutal in the long run. I don’t play when it comes to children. I love kids too much and have met too many hurt children, so how you treat your kids will determine if we continue to date. This is one my principles. Your principle maybe you don’t like a person who doesn’t have any respect, so you have to stick to that principle. You can’t waiver from it, because this could be the determining factor what the future will hold. You can’t wavier your principles, because then you’ll be putting a waiver on the JUSTICE that governs you life. Don’t operate in fear…..there is someone else out there. Don’t let your fear of NOT having, cause you to Have someone you Can’t live with for the rest of your life. I never told her why I was cutting her off because she was a cop, and I didn’t want any trouble…lol! Stick to your principles. You’re more valuable than you think!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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