Cook’s Life Lessons in 2015 #10

Never feel subjective to be in a place of servitude to anyone ~Richard Cook

Last Night, I went out to buy toys from the kids of those persons that are incarcerated.  I was confused as to what to buy, so I started grabbing anything.  After taking the toys to the cash register, I asked the lady at the cash register what she thought about my selection.  She asked me where were the toys going?  I told her, and she gave me all of the toys half off.  Wow!  It should be noted that all of your help doesn’t always come from those you know; but there are people, already in position, to help you.  You don’t have to beg, you don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to fret because everyone and everything is in position waiting for your arrival.  There’s no need to feel like you have to Transform who you are, just to Conform to someone Else’s likes and dislikes (reread that please).  Always operate with the HIGHEST Integrity!  Always!

Lol, oftentimes we feel like we owe people something based on a FAVOR they did for us.  For example, if someone helped us with rent money, a bill, or perhaps they may have even saved our life; but, guilty or obligation is not a part of the equation.   It’s not obligatory for you to become what Jeffery was to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Carlton or Uncle Phil.  It’s not a mandate for you to become what Florence was to Weezy on the Jeffersons (get it).  No, if someone does something for you, then it is considered to be done from the heart; and, if it isn’t done from the heart, we don’t want it.  Point Blank, Period.  I’ve been following the Presidential coverage virgously, and the most outspoken and richest candidate said something so unnerving and poignant.  He said, ” I don’t want any lobby money, because they want something in return!  I would rather self fund my campaign, than to return favors!” We have to have that same thought process.  If gifts come with attachments, it’s not a gift but a trap.

Sure, we may not be rich financially, BUT we are rich mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Shave those feelings of obligation and you can walk lighter, happier, and with great delight.  I promise you people are already in position to help you with all of your dreams, aspirations, and your elevation to the next level…..without obligation, cost, or stress.  Once you release all of your feelings Obligation the Weight of feeling blessed will be that much easier! ~Richard Cook

*Everyday until New Years Eve we will talk about my lessons learned in 2015…Be inspired

You’re Amazing to GOD

Richard T. Cook

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