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Cook’s Relationship Advice #213: A good friend of mine came to me, and she asked me do I think she should call her boyfriend; because, he hasn’t called her. The last time they conversed, he told her to get lost, hung up on her, and hasn’t called her since. She hasn’t talked to him in two weeks, and she is worried. I asked her, IF she called, does she think she can handle what he may say to her? Could she handle him asking,”Why are you calling my phone? ” “Don’t call me no more!”, etc. Can you handle what Might happen? She said No! My advice is to let it go! See anything or anyone who will tamper with our happiness shouldn’t have a place in our life. Its been two weeks, and he hasn’t called, therefore, he doesn’t want to be with you! Our issue with relationships are we dont WANT to let go, or We dont want to BE let go; because, our egos are bruised! Sometimes when the Picture isn’t developed the way WE want it to, we will go back in the dark room and try to develop it again. We we go back into the DARK room were trying to develop a different picture. Some people and things make their exit voluntarily, and its not for us to invite them back in. Never be afraid to let go of what should’ve been gone a long time ago ♤
Coach Cook, M.S, C.P.L.C
Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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