Don’t Rush Your Dream Part 1

I remember my teacher at Baltimore City Community College, Mrs. Hawkins, telling me that I was going to be someone great.  It was amazing. I was going extra hard for Jesus.  While typing this, I am trying to get that drive back.  Little did I know that people’s comments would create added pressure on me to rush my dream.   We have to be ever so careful, not to let the comments of others inflate our Ego so bad, that it contaminates our thought process towards the goal we are trying to achieve.  It was the applauds of the people and them cheering me on that inflated my thinking.  I felt like I was running for election to be President.  And we have to be cognizant of the fact that the people that are cheering us on, we will never meet, see again, or will have not vital role in where we are going.  So, if we allow them too, they will do more damage to us than progress us.  If we feed off of their cheers, and not the momentum of our dreams, we will be riding on inflation.  I began trying to do anything in my power to be recognized.  .  In my rushing, I was asked to do the prayer for the community college at a scholarship prayer breakfast.  This was the third semester I was asked to do it.  I was a part of the student government, and the coordinator saw how the Lord was moving in my life, so she asked me to pray at every event; but this time would be different.  I was living with my mom in an apartment.  I thought to myself that I would use this particular time as a platform to get recognized.  The coordinator called me, while I was rehearsing my mind what I was going to say and do.  I think I’m a prophet sometimes, because when I think about something, it happens.  Anyway, when she called and asked me, I said I would be happy to do it.

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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