Friends that are out of Control

I just came from the gym, and I saw my old buddy. We were real cool at one point, but every time we were hanging out; he didn’t know how to act trying.  He was trying to talk to at every woman that walked passed us, elderly women…lmbo.  Do you have any friends like this?  With No Control? In the midst of trying to talk to the women, he would try to act tough and throw me under the bus as leverage.  He would try to belittle me in front of them.  You know the type of people who can’t get people on their own merit?. After speaking to him about it, he continued, so I had to cut him off. Friends will throw you under the bus faster than your enemies will. If he threw me under the bus for Strange women trying to get some Stray sex, then I can’t afford to let that behavior mature; because at the end of the day you can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around. So, be sure to watch the behavior that the folk around you Display, because it will tell you if they will put You on display!~richard cook

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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