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About Yesterday 101: I want to personally thank everyone for all of their prayers yesterday.  To try to sum up the events that took place which led me to file the custody case would take days.  My son had been with me for 18 months, and his whole life has turned around; and, sometimes when people see the changes they will come and try to take recognition for the turn of events.  Prior to this, it was a nightmare.  I remember one year, I kept going to a buddy of mine and telling him what I was going through in trying to be a dad.  He said, “Cook, just walk away and comeback when he turns 18.  There is no way I would allow myself to be tortured they way you are.  Your son will eventually grow up and you can link up with him then.  Just walk away and you will have a peace of mind.”  I couldn’t do that!  There was no way, I could walk away!  I hung in there, and God made it happen.  He positioned me to hire a lawyer, and no matter how much her lawyer tried to discredit me in there……facts are facts.  I had on a suit that I got from the Goodwill that was 50% off, so I paid $20 for it, and he tried to attack my character saying I was a gold digger wearing a $1000 suit…lol.  Listen, it doesn’t matter how they attack you, because no weapon, no words, or attacks will prosper.  To me, nobody wins, because in between is a little boy who had to feel and witness the back and forth.  After years of hell, tons of money for lawyer fees, attempts of my life from her boyfriends, her family jumping out and surrounding me while she took my son away, hours of being drilled on that stand, etc…….I had to go through all of that just so my son can have the potential in life to be better than me!  Was it worth it Cook?  If God said it was worth it, I believe it was because HE saw me through it.  When I got him, i was on welfare, my mother couldn’t even feed herself because of the accident, and we struggled living off of $200 a month from her disability; and I had to care for the both of them, while I was bleeding on the inside and one step away from crazy.  God saw us through.  Now, my mom is doing great, my son is all A’s, i have Full Custody and HE gave me the money to pay for the lawyer and life is wonderful.  Don’t ever give up on GOD…Never Never Never.  Let me stop here because my tears are heavy

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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