GOD WHY? 101:One of my friends came up Saturday to show me his new Lexus Ls 460, a few minutes ago another friend came up to show me his new car, ironically, the Lexus Ls 460 Executive Edition. And I drive an old Van, money ain’t right, and got a lot going on! Many, in my shoes, would question GOD why? Why do they have what they have, drive what they drive, and I’m in my predicament. GOD Why? (Stay with me). I mean, I volunteer at the schools, prison, etc. I bless people. I put myself on the back burner and YOU have me driving THIS! GOD why? Why do they have it and i dont, but you say that You are a Just GOD? Perhaps you feel i should be asking that question, because you would have felt that way or you feel that way now. I mean you doing the most for everyone around you and it seems like Everyone around you , got it going on BUT you. Lol. See, life is not about comparing but about completing. Whenever we compare ourselves to other, then we either feel like Crap or we feel like we are Crapping on the next person(if we have more than them). GOD is saying if you feel like you’re doing the most for others with no return, then you’re motives are selfish and unworthy. If you’re doing it for HIM then it is at HIS discretion how HE will bless you. Life isn’t about who got what, because the What is NOT conclusive, but its all about being grateful for Life and how can I be better than the person I was yesterday. None of us are the same, so GOD blesses us differently, therefore, HE is JUST, but we have to change our LENSES on how we define HIS sovereignty. Me and my friends, we drive different cars, we wear different shoes which means we are on different paths of life, which means we aren’t going down the same road. We ought never question GOD why does So and So have this and that, because HE could say,” Why didn’t you ask me about why did i let your friend die from drinking and driving and YOU DIDN’T, why didn’t you ask ME about why didn’t I let you get locked up when you Cheated on your Taxes?” , but we are quick to ask HIM about the Material Matters life. Im not a hater. …Im a Congratulator, because I know if HE did it for them, then surely HE will do it for me and if HE DOESN’T do anything-HE IS STILL GOD AND I STILL LOVE HIM because I am confident of this One thing, that HE that hath begun a GOOD work in me shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ! So, Im not asking GOD Why, but im sayin GOD I Thank YOU for giving what you gave me and Not giving me the bad that I should have gotten! Im still going to the Mountain Top!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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