Heavy Set Women

Typically, Heavy Set women become Prey to Men, because theoretically, men Assume that they are desperate with NO self esteem versus Low Self Esteem. And truthfully speaking-Some Are, so that’s why its so Important for some women too focus More on Dropping the Weight of their Complexes and Fixations, than focusing on the Weight of their Fat and External Shape! It’s okay to focus on getting In shape, but when you have no Internal Shaping then your outter shaping become just Flesh! I’m saying this because as we approach Halloween, a lot of us act like Jason and wear a Mask to hide the real you. And someone reading this post is saying, ” Cook, I love me!” ( Everyone says that) , but the historicals of your life SPEAKS contradicting to What YOU’RE SPEAKING, so internally we have some dualism jumping off! I’m not GOD so I can’t give you an answer on How to fix You, but I can say that if you go to HIM and talk to HIM about every struggle you are having, then what you Thought was a weakness, HE will actually turn it into a strength! But you have to stop beating yourself up for the person YOU ARE NOT and START PRAISING YOURSELF FOR THE PERSON YOU ARE! THERE IS MORE TO YOU THAN THAT PERSON YOU JUDGE IN THE MIRROR! GOD LOVES EVERY INCH OF THICKNESS ON YOU LADY.! BE ENCOURAGED! ~ Richard Cook

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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