Her Drug of choice ( Poem)

She said he was her drug of Choice not because of who he is but because he makes her lose her Voice. She never really got to know him, because she was too busy trying to know him, and trying to know him gets old because the older he gets the lights began to Dim. She said she wants a man to make her see the Stars, but she don’t want a man to make her feel like a Star. Maybe life has a Fog over her Eyes, maybe its the Rain that makes her feel the essence of her Demise, or maybe she thinks he’s her Romeo beyond the Sun and her blessings in Disguise. I don’t know! The moral to this poem is don’t settle for a Climax because a physical Climax can stymie a spiritual Climax and then your climactical moment becomes a Dread, its when you settled for Less and your More becomes Dead, its because you didn’t want More so it was your Less that got Fed, all because you settle for the crumbs from the table when you could’ve had the whole loaf of Bread. SMH! So be a Winner and Not a Sinner..be a Champion and not a Defender. .be a Transformer and don’t get caught up in a Blender being a Pretender all because you choose to Surrender to a man that claim was Tender and now you done Mailed off your More only for it to come back “Return to Sender”. ..Don’t do it again ♤ Coach Cook

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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