HIV 101

HIV 101 ( Only for Mature Audiences): In Washington DC, 1 out of Every 4 women have HIV. Washington DC has some of the prettiest independent women that I’ve ever come across( I’m going somewhere with that statement). So when we look in our society, we can’t tell who has what! We can’t tell what STD folk have. There are no signs or warnings. When you ask a person have they been tested, they will say,” Yes, I just went to the doctor and he tested me for everything”, but most were not tested for HIV because you have to sign a consent form and IN most cases you have to specifically ask to be tested for herpes. So we take that as the green light to go forward, but in most cases the question is NEVER asked and the papers are NEVER VERIFIED( Stay with me) So, we subjectively give ourselves away in the heat of passion,and in an objective moment TO OBTAIN A CLIMAX! LET’S GO DEEPER! For most men, they don’t want to wear a condom. When we oftentimes look at a girl and by the way she looks will be the determining factor if we ” STRAP UP” or not.If she looks good like Lisa Raye, we will ultimately decide that we will ” HIT THAT RAW” or we will begin with the condom, but stop using it after the 4 th time,or so. Most women will allow it to happen in the name of Love or wanting to satisfy him. So, she will LET him do whatever just TO SATISFY HIM. So we find both sexes driven by satisfaction. One wants to satisfy his own self gratification, and the other will do it because she think it will satisfy him. THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND! So after they have both climaxed, they are diseased ridden. Things don’t work out between them. BOTH WILL go and REPEAT the same thing But with different partners and spreading a silent Killer. Yes we are.all supposed to die , but let us not die from that. But Cook, won’t GOD forgive us? Yes HE will forgive us, but the AIDS WON’T FORGIVE US! Get tested and know your status. WE ARE BETTER THAN A LETHAL CLIMACTIC MOMENT THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AND LAUGH 30 MINUTES AT BUT MAKE YOU CRY UNTIL YOU DIE! Hope this helps!

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