How to handle a man 101

HOW TO HANDLE A MAN 101: Some men don’t know how to Handle YOU, they only know how the one that Preceded you. The one that proceeded you
LET him handle her as he chose, therefore, you can’t justify giving him the cold shoulder; because, he’s acting out of ignorance. We teach people how to treat us, but most importantly you have to create a Standard and Principles of what you Will and Will not ALLOW. The fact of the matter is not only is he handling your heart, but he is handling everyone connected to your heart ( your joy, life, etc) because what Affects you.. Effects your children, family, etc! But where women miss the mark, is that they enter in the relationship with NO principles or Standards, so they Let them man treat them like Burger King and have his way. So when he lies or is disrespectful and you brushed it off, you created YOUR own atmosphere for that. Create some Principles and this will let him know that You are the Principal of Your Standards and you have PRINCIPLES! Now handle your business! ♤ Coach Cook

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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