#tbt The lady in the picture with me is my angel.  She help me with my financial aid and grants, so I can get free ride.  Every semester, GOD would have me go to her for financial aid, and I never paid a dime throughout my schooling.  I didn’t think I was worthy of going  to the school when GOD told me too, so I tried to take the easy way out and applying at a HBCU.  They didn’t want to give me a dime and I paid the application fee, the lady in the office was disrespectful, etc.  All they wanted to give me was a $11k LOAN. So, I was obedient to GOD and went to the law school, saying they’re not going to let me in the school. I remember asking GOD, ” GOD, why do you want to humiliate me?”  Neverthless, I went reluctantly.  I did everything in my power to prove to GOD that what HE was telling me to do was a waste of time.  After meeting with the counselor, I was on Charles St. with waters in my eyes, because I didn’t understand why would HE have me waste my time.  I remember going to Starbucks and getting a triple espresso to motivate me.  Days later, I received a call. I went in the financial aid office feeling like they would do me just like the other university.  Then, I met this lady who approached me, and she help me.  The LORD told me to switch my major, and I didn’t want to start over because I was a business major and I already completed a semester and I didn’t want to mess up my financial aid or grants nor did I want the lady to get mad at me.  I did it reluctantly, and I went to the lady again and she helped me out. I never got her name but I got a memory that cannot be erased.  I saying this to tell you that even when you feel like you’re unworthy, feeling like you don’t qualify, looking at what you have and it doesn’t look like it’s GOING to work in your favor; if HE said it, then HE will see you through it.  NEVER COUNT YOURSELF OUT WHEN GOD ALREADY COUNTED YOU IN……YOU ARE WORTHY IN SPITE OF WHAT YOUR circumstances IS saying  to you.  My Name is Richard Cook and I AM WORTHY!

Be Encouraged,

Minister Richard Cook

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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