She said I was more than cute I was simply Handsome; she came at me aggressively, like she wanted to hold my heart for Ransom, then she started to tell me about herself then Some, then she talked about going out like I look like Sum. She got me wrong! I told her, I can’t even Afford to even Pay attention to this Conversation, I just got evicted from my house,  and feeling like Francis Scott Key on the Constellation, like when BGE got took over by Constellation,  and I’m chasing the Prize of life and won’t settle for a Consolation. YA DIG! She say I Understand, and I guess my honesty turned her admiration in to quick Sand, it took the spice away and made it Bland. ..oh Man….oh well she tried her Hand…then she Ran…she wasn’t ready for this handsome Man…lol.  The moral to my poem is, don’t waste your time letting them know what’s the deal First, because we don’t want to play any games cuz it could make ugly issues Immerse, then they play dum, like they’re swimming in a sea, yet acting like they’re dying of Thirsty.  Really Pretty?  When you know trouble don’t last Always,  and what you’re going through is just a Faze, then the situation might have you Dazed just not for Days. ….THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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