If One More Asked ME

If one more woman comes to me and ask me where are the good men at I’m going to scream…lol…from now on, don’t ask me that unless you have done 3 things: 1.Pray 2. Focus on you and the betterment of others 3. Get rid of every dude that’s trying to holla but you know he aint the onel and your maintenance man. The problem is that we have a car that is valuable but we have busta who works on cars in the alley changing the oil….we will only attract what’s in us…so if busta’s spirit is in you then you will only attract Bustas’….lol….long term relationships last because the depth of their beings are clear….that’s why you have grand dad and mom’s marriage from the 1940&50s lasting 60 years because mom wasn’t giving away FREE stuff. …lmbo…but in today’s world they back Busta’s number up on the Google’s contact list just in case they lose their Iphone. ….ugh…..my greatest heartbreak came from someone who Was like me at that time…ugh……and the worst thing you want to attract is someone who is like you with Busta on Deck….clear the spirit out of you then holla at ya boy! Please don’t ask me that again

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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