The Crossroads 101: I just saw some Tide in Walmart that I wanted to get…it was on sale for $11. This guy came up to me selling that same Tide for $4 a bottle.  He said whatever you want I can go into Target and get for you.  Now, I need the Tide, I need to save money, but my character won’t let me do ANYTHING contrary to the Right thing.  Many Many years ago, I used to sell CDs, bootleg. .everything. .I remember me and my dude Zakee and Tyrone went to New York trying to find bootleg stuff.  I would go to New York and buy the cds for $.80 and sell them for $5. I was making big money.  I had a couple of workers and we were all getting it.  I brought some of the CDs to work and sold them 3 for $  but I was stealing from others creativity, the music was  antithetical to what I stood for, and it wasn’t right.  I use to pay the police off so they wouldn’t bother me. I would stand on Edmondson and Swan, less than a mile from my church and sell bootleg pocketbooks, and everything. Right after church I would go set up shop.  Then it dawned on me that this ain’t right.  I had a job making $100k, but I had a lifestyle that called for more.  I was flying everywhere, doing the unimaginable.  GOD called me to preach decades ago, but I wanted to adopt that clothing style. I would buy $1000 suits,  $600 gators,  but I was Empty on the inside. Because we typically OVER compensate on the outside what we LACK on the inside.  Then, I had to make a decision, “Am I who I believe myself To Be or am I an impostor! ” I gave it all up at that point.  Everything!  I had someone selling bootleg stuff on ebay, then I got shut down..a Louis Vuitton store threatened me.  I opened up another login, and I was selling Coach and got shut down again.  Now, I won’t buy any HOT stuff, wear phony stuff, etc. I don’t want no hook ups on nothing.  No slick stuff.. Because I’m crazy enough to believe that GOD is going to provide it in due season.  You have to believe in yourself and the ONE you call your GOD.  Sure, I need money right now, but my intergrity cost me too much.~cook

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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