Is the relationship ORGANIC OR PERSERVATIVE PT 1:

Relationships are so fickle. When they are on, it’s fantastic; conversely, when they are off, it’s the worst. It’s not that we went into the relationship, thinking it would fail; but, relationships are expendable. I recently had a debate with a friend of mine. She mentioned to me that she had been dealing with the same guy ON and Off for 17 years. I quickly took issue with that, because these are the words that have been echoed to me time and time again, but by different people!

#1 ISSUE: People go through this” on and off relationship” because of the HISTORY that have together. Let me cut to the chase-This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves and it’s one of the biggest tools that we Self Sabotage ourselves with. Lol, let me build my case! We keep vacillating within our mind saying,” Well I know what to expect from her, or I know what I’m getting when I dealing with him!” But we never care to think about who they have been with and what spirits that caught or what STD they have caught in your “OFF SEASONS”, because we are operating out of fear instead of Principle! Where are the STANDARDS? We become so scared to venture out that we become like a dog who returns to their own vomit (Proverb 26:11). You couldn’t stomach the person before, what makes you think you can stomach them now. Perhaps, in the “OFF SEASON” all you gave them was time to figure out how can they be slicker. HISTORY ISN’T A VALID EXCUSE! And just like a light switch you were turned off. It’s a dangerous thing when what Turned you on about a person, is the same weapon that they use against you!

To be continued…..♤ Coach Cook

Richard T. Cook

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