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Just got a friend request by someone who, two years ago, unfriended me and told me why she unfriended….lol. She told me to my face, “Richard I unfriended you because you post too much. You think you know everything. I just had to click that button on you!” When she said it, I laughed. I didn’t give her the response she was looking for. Well, my phone just vibrated and it was a friend request from her. Now, since she unfriended I’ve added over 200 friends, of whom, I Know! (I don’t add friends just because). As I looked at the request , I simply pressed the Not Now button, because I still post a lot and I don’t have time to have any fickle people as my friends…even on social media. Listen to me, never be afraid to deny people access to your world. When they had the opportunity, they judged you, instead of trying to understand you and life is about Understanding and not Judging people. One unfriended me, but 200 supporters became my friend. (DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID FAMILY?) In other words, GOD will always have REPLACEMENTS on deck for you. Don’t sweat over those that jump ship on you….GOD already has some ryde or die folk riding with you til the wheels fall off ~ richard cook

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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