Love still Exist

I was just talking to a counselor at the of the drug rehabilitation centers.  She expressed to me that she was a user, caught HIV, and was ready to give up.  She said the first thing that came out of her mouth was that Nobody would ever want to be with her.  So she stayed in the house for two years.  She met this guy and they talked, but she cut him off because she knew that he wouldn’t accept her status.   He came back, and she blocked his number.   He sent her an email and she called him and told him why.  He said, Really? ?????? He said let’s talk about it.  Well they’ve been married for six years and he is negative. …they just protect themselves when having intimacy.  This has to be the sexiest,  most inspiring love conversation I’ve ever had.  Because sometimes we feel love isn’t available to us based on our condition,  our situation,  or our lack of something thereof. …but baby this lady is a witness that love still exist.    Dude looked beyond the Symptoms and came with a Cure…..omg….and you feel like because you gained a few pounds or you had to have an operation  and have your breast removed because of cancer or you have fibromyalgia or cist on your ovaries or you’re bipolar it don’t matter because that’s your situation but NOT YOU. ….Love will still find you….you’re not count out…you’re counted IN…

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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