Low self-esteem 101

Some people wish they had high self-esteem, when they already have it. I have a few minutes to talk so let’s talk about it.  It’s not you have low self-esteem,  but we tend to let one or two things DICTATE our thinking about ourselves. …which makes us FEEL low, but doesn’t necessarily mean we have low self-esteem it just means we’re disappointed or sad or hurt about an event in our lives.  Then we began to COMPARE ourselves to others which drives our Thinking about ourselves down to the ground, because the quickest way to make you rethink who you are, is to COMPARE yourself to what others have or display.   I remember comparing myself to my buddy.  I was doing a little modeling for this agency and I was about 165lb at the time.  I was at the gym everyday, paying this ridiculous gym fee, trying to get toned up like my buddy and it wasn’t working.  I was toned, but not like him.  I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere,  simply because I was Comparing myself to him and not my results.  I finally went to him and asked him how did he get so toned and could he train me.  He said,  “Richard I have Never touched a weight a day in my life…I was just born like this!” So we compare ourselves to ourselves and Not to the actual person. We don’t know how they got that they got. What they had to do to get it, etc.  In other words, we compare ourselves to WHAT WE THINK about that person or what is Apparent, but not Fact about the person in our scope.  Stop that! You don’t have Low self-esteem, you’re just thinking you do, but you DON’T. I bind that spirit right now, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.    No more comparing! I have to go because the gym awaits me.  Have an Invigorating day!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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