My biggest Lesson Learned in 2014 Part 2:

So what could be a wonderful supervisor-employee relationship turns into a supervisor sending a great employee home feeling less than who she really is, stressing about how to do her work better, but its the Poor self awareness of the supervisor that is Crucifying her and not her actual performance….I stumbled upon these truths by stepping outside of other people’s opinions. I went to GOD and asked HIM for myself on who I really am. See, whenever we continue to listen to other’s opinion then we take the risk of being dismantled and broken down to Mediocrity because most people can only see Mediocrity and NOTHING ELSE. Its what Karl Marx talks about the difference between the have and the have nots. We have to understand that we have 4 people in our ear. We have the Voice of GOD, the Voice of others, Voice of Self and the voice of satan and depending on who you COMMUNE with the MOST, will depend on whose report we take heed to and whose report we will act on both in emergency, habitually, or ritualistically . So, when GOD started showing me my deficiencies and I stop dumming down, those that looked at me and were Satisfied with me in a Dummy Down mode began to challenge and attack me inconspicuously directly or indirectly. That’s why at all cost we have to be WHO WE ARE because peoples job is to always make you remain on their level, very few want to see you doing Better than Them. In church, in the street, etc. I played a Dummy because I was giving a FALSE IDENTITY of what a Christian, Humility, and being Humble looks like and you have been given a False Identity of what Modest, Submissive, respect LOOKS LIKE; because people want to see you debased and disguising it under the auspices of demure.  Most acts in the Bible are birthed with someone being jealous of someone, wanting to be where someone else is, or trying to minimize other folk.  Why Cook?  Because God uses the marginalized, flawed, and the people that everyone else threw away.  So, when God raises us up, people tend to think we don’t deserve or should be in a certain position.  As long as God thinks we deserve it, that’s all that matters!  Walk around with your head up high, with your blessed self!~richard cook

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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