No More Cheating with Yourself

NO Equal Loves 101: You Can’t Love two people equally. Even though the President Loves his Wife, he claims to love Olivia Pope also. Well Cook, why are you saying that you can’t love them equally?  Here’s the difference: He loves his wife WHOLE heartedly (spiritually,  mentally, emotionally), but he loves Olivia Pope physically. ……he loves the Dynamics of the relationship that he has With Olivia Pope (mentally and Emotionally), but he doesn’t love Olivia’s Dynamics as a person.  He love going in the stable, sitting down, pulling on the cow and getting the milk (the Dynamics), but he doesn’t love the Cow.  It’s the Dynamics of sneaking and creeping with some eyecandy that is down for whatever that he Love. He don’t love Olivia…he loves the First lady.  There is a difference.   So men fall in love with the Elements and the Dynamics of the Side Chick, but don’t fall in love with the side chick because his LOYALTY is with his Wife.  So, the side chick is swimming in a Sea of Love…..but dying of thrist (get it)…I just said something.  So, side chick, you have to stop letting your temple become a temple of thieves, because GOD created you for so much more.  No more cheating. ..With Yourself.

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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