Patiently Waiting 101

PATIENTLY WAITING: There are an insurmountable amount of hash tags that say patiently wait as it relates to dating. You will find them on most women’s pages. And sometimes that’s where our demise or stagnation comes in to INFECT our thinking and AFFECT the progression of our moving forward.  No,  patiently waiting is for settlers; because your mindset has to be if he/she comes I’m prepared or if they NEVER EVER  come, I’m still good.  With that patiently waiting terminology comes a mindset that gives birth to a level of desperation and that gives birth to a level of mediocrity, and that gives birth to regret. ..then you find yourself with someone you settled for…then you find yourself unhappy with someone who GOD never intended you to be with.  Patiently waiting is an STD…a Spiritual Transmitted Disease that comes from seeing others with their mate wishing it was you….while not knowing if they are really happy . Before Delilah, Samson married a woman who wasn’t on his level and he wasn’t supposed to marry so he went totally against the grain and married her anyway ..his DESIRE took over his Discernment( read the story) then he went to Delilah who emasculated and humiliated him.  So, what are you saying Cook? We find a whole lot of people waiting on someone that they don’t even know who they are
waiting for.  Cook ain’t waiting for nobody, and at the rate these blessings are coming in, I might not ever date again.  Later for that patiently waiting stuff.  It’s blessing season!  Ain’t that much good good in the word for me to put my life on hold….I’m at Giants thinking out loud..I will finish this later

Be Encouraged,

Minister Richard Cook

Richard T. Cook

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