Mrs. Claus 101: Every Santa needs a Mrs. Claus, but she has to share the same drive, same desire, and she has to want for him what GOD  wants for him.  She has to be able to keep him warm in the North Pole, and she can’t  have any restrictions as to how he is kept warm. Ummm!  She can’t be jealous of the women he comes in contact with as he goes down their chimney with the gifts.  She has to have that much more confident in GOD, knowing that everyone wants her man and the gifts he possess both in the spirit and physical.  There’s  no need to go through his cell phone, ask Rudolph to spy on him, or have Prancer keep tabs on his every move.  So many think they can be Mrs. Claus, but few qualify.  They want the Luxury of being with a man in demand  but don’t want the Taxing effort that is attached to it.  You can’t be Mrs. Claus until you’ve done a complete inventory of yourself, because oftentimes, women wonder why they’re single.  It’s  not that their isn’t any good guys, but sometimes  God will keep them away until you’ve ironed out some character defects.  We all have them and no one is exempt.  Never want something so good that you may ruin. Wait and in your Waiting, the Weight of yesterday is being detox from you, so you can enjoy the pouring  in of your tomorrow. (I like how you put that Cook)   Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Claus…..are you out there?  If you are, won’t you come ride in Santa’s sleigh.  Rudolph and Santa awaits you….lol. Rudolph will guide the sleigh, but do you have what it takes to handle the engine of my heart..putt-putt~richard cook  

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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