SOUL TIES 101: So you say you want a good man, right? That’s a little suspect! Why Cook, because it’s the truth? You want a good man, but you still got Lil BoBo spirit in you. See, in order for you to have a Wholesome relationship with a good man, you have to evacuate all of the past spirits out of your life-COMPLETELY. See whenever you engage in any type of intimate(foreplay,sex,etc) moment there is a exchanging of spirit. So, we become binded to that person’s weakness, curses, emotions and limitations and everyone they have been with too. So, Cook what are you saying? We will only succeed to a certain point in our life, but never beyond a certain point because we have been arrested and shackled by all of those other spirits we got from Bobo and everyone they have been with! We can do all the right stuff, give our best efforts to the degree of wearing ourselves out, but it won’t work until we free ourselves from those we have been with and those they have been with! So if they have been with broke, lonely, hot tempered folk, then all of that stuff will tie up our soul. So when it’s time to meet THE ONE, we are NO GOOD! So before you move on to someone new-you have to get rid of the old. HE MIGHT BE GONE,BUT HIS SPIRIT REMAINS-GET RID OF BOBO, SO ROMEO CAN COME. If you’re tired of being lonely, broke, etc. You have to WANT TO BE FREE, WILLING TO LET GO, REPENT, RENOUNCE THE SOUL TIES, AND RECEIVE THE GRACE OF GOD. Write down the name of every joker you’ve been with and declare with authority that satan no longer has the right to affect my life. In your prayer declare that you are whole, restored, and tell GOD that your soul belongs to HIM. #It’s time for a breakthrough. Be Encouraged #This ain’t for everyone ~ Coach Cook, M.S, C.P.L.C

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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