The Flesh 101

The FLESH 101: Just TAUGHT on controlled emotion in the prison.  It wasn’t a popular message, but it was necessary.  I talked about Samson, Judges 14, who SAW a woman that he knew emphatically he shouldn’t have been with.  All because of what he Saw and NOT about what he knew.  And we all have the propensity and proclivity to become emotionally unraveled about what we SEE by looking AT the person and not about what we KNOW by looking Into the person.  We allow our Sight to overcome our Thinking.  Samson wanted her so much so, that he told his Mother and Father to get her.  And just like Samson, with unhealthy emotions, we not only get caught up in our own disobedience and lust, but we place other people in our messiness.  Well Cook, why did you teach on that…they don’t need that? Yes they do, because just like us; all of us become emotionally vulnerable to the thing we like the most.  And just like Samson, we ultimately just  JUMP to another person who gets us while we’re hurt and vulnerable, and make us lose our vision.  Samson’s eyes (his vision) got plucked out, not because he wanted them to be plucked out, but he made himself vulnerable to Delilah and Delilah represents the thing that you and I become WEAK to; but gives birth to your pain and misery.  All because of what he Saw in the FIRST woman, and became weak to in the SECOND woman he destroyed himself over uncontrolled emotions; and both women represents the thing we lust and desire the most in our lives which ultimately destroys us emotionally which leads to physical, mental and spiritual mayhem because we became damaged goods to the lust of the flesh…smh…Lord help us

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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