Not too long ago, I went to my buddy’s fundraiser last night and saw my old girlfriend..Lol…this is too funny! We met at church 11 years ago. She got my name off of the singles ministry attendance sheet and called me- I just knew she was the one. Life was great. I was going to Baltimore City Community College. Her father had died from asbestos and he had multiple suit cases. So as time progressed they started to come in $50, $250k, etc. One day I was in Oakland, California, and she called me talking about she needed me to think long and hard about us moving forward. So, in my mind, I thought she was going to pressure me into marrying her.* We ought never pressure people for love because it only gives birth to strife. So, I got off the plane went straight there and she said, ” I think you should quit school, quit your job and stay home- I will take care of you! All you have to do is pick Kenny ( her son) up from school, cook dinner, and keep home as a warm place). I said no! Sure I rationalized it- who wouldn’t, because She was almost a millionaire and all I had to do was chill. She kept trying to pressure me,but I said no! Because conforming would strip me of who I was trying to become! And so often we try to be what others want us to be instead of being who we are called to be. We place ourselves and our future in others people’s hand,feeding off of others blessing ( I just said something) What good are we if we smorgasbord off of other peoples blessing! She wanted to strip me of who I was to become in the name of Love, and we let people strip us of our Future, Blessings, and Accomplishments in the name of Love- THE CRAZY THING IS THAT WE LET THEM. Then they strip us naked, only to leave us hanging # Ouch. I left her! Lol, only to come back a week later- WEAK! She had packed up and moved. She came to church 3 months later married to a guy that eventually stripped her of everything. Had I stayed there I wouldn’t have had accomplished half of what I have accomplished, but I took a Stand. POWER ISN’T IN STAYING BUT IT IN WHAT YOU CAN WALK AWAY FROM. Someone reading this post: IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE A STAND. IF YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU, THEN YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. BE ENCOURAGED!~richard cook

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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