The Struggles 101

Its our struggles with self that makes us settle for sub-par. Its not the quality or the fabric of the person that we hang around that Makes us, but its how we feel when we are with that person that ” IS “us; and that feeling will shed light on who we Really are. I am amazed at how many women melt over Idris Elboa and how many men want Olivia Pope. but how would they feel if they were actually around these people? If you are feeling Sub-par about yourself, it will come out of your pores and you will display Flunky tendencies instead of showing strength and purpose. I will never forget many many years ago I was invited to participate in a meeting with a prominent pastor and a couple of men. He saw something in me and invited me to join in. There was one issue-I didn’t feel worthy, and I felt sub-par…I participated and FELT the need to say something just to impress the pastor but what I said was derived from a Subpar mentality and it was Horrible. I didn’t have to say anything, but my Subparness made me say it. We have to starve that subpar mindset we have; because it will crucify us. I didn’t want to share this, but my spirit is telling me too so here we go…..I remember datingĀ this girl nobody would have ever expected me to date. She wasn’t the most attractive person, but I dare not call her ugly; because I don’t judge. She was kinda aggressive, becauseĀ I didn’t know that she had stabbed her ex-boyfriend prior too me meeting her over a text message, she was out on bail for assaulting this lady, and she took medicine for her moodS. My buddy picked me up to go to the mall, and we saw her and he instantly said , “Naw Cook, you can do better than that, yet I attracted what I felt at that time. I was working at KFC, my mother had taken me to get some clothes from the Good Will, and I had come from a place of long-suffering. See, when you feel Subpar you hurt others because you accept anything for a RIGHT NOW MOMENT and when that moment is over…. you don’t want to be bothered with that RIGHT NOW PERSON and you hurt them and Affect their heart and thinking ;which will Effect their next relationship and how they handle the next person and it becomes a ripple affect … have to starve that side of you that wants to park at the corner of Subpar and Low self-worth Ave. Shake it off, and want better for yourself. Be Encouraged~richard cook

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Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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