Breakfast Served 101: It’s not that life is Unfair.  Sometimes we INTERPRET that GOD is blessing others more than HE is blessing us, and we feel that the Bad people are getting Blessed more than we are; all of which SEEMS seemingly UNFAIR!  AND IT IS….ACCORDING TO YOU! It’s a matter of Interpretation.  It’s Apparent, but not Fact!  A BMW, a big house, Gucci loafers are blessings based off of how we are TAUGHT to perceive them, but someone else dying of cancer perceives a blessings as being cured while negating the BMW, the big house,  and Gucci loafers. So we tend to think we’re getting the short end of the stick when we’re blessed to MAKE something happen. Those things that you Interpreted will be out of style tomorrow.  Today, has to be the day where we redefine what’s a blessing and what’s a Thing.  We are all blessed,  but today we have to begin to start to MAKE something happen with our GOD Given ability and STOP wondering WHAT’S happening. It’s in you,  it’s in me, but we have to dig deep and pull it out of us. Go Hard for what you want and GOD will be Delighted to give you the increase.  Listen, Comparing and Conforming is the quickest way to become depressed, to feel slighted,  and shameful.  Nobody is better than Nobody, it just that all of us have DIFFERENT talents. Nobody compares to you.   It’s time to bring out the big gun- your Intellect,  You prayers, and you walk…you have to walk like you know without a shadow of a doubt that GOD is right by your side.  Happy Thursday Family. ….Let’s get it.~cook

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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