Unhealthy Relationship 101

The Unhealthy Relationship 101: When love is confronted, it’s an honest critique and well received; but when fake love is confronted, it’s perceived as criticism…why Cook? Because the foundation of the relationship ISN’T healthy.  The couple has to many Mr. Goodbars and Milkways jumping off, but neither one has really communicated and discussed the true Whatchamacallits of the relationship.  You know, the intricacies! Why are we together and where are we going with the “relationship?” Nobody is willing to confront the love of the person they are in a relationship with.  In the Unhealthy relationship, sex is the vehicle of consensus and texting is the line of communication….so they really don’t have a relationship or love, but they have an agreement of lust hiding under the umbrella of the word Relationship and Love. SMH!!!!!! This is why we have 5 year relationships, but no ring.  Where there is no Ring or Marriage….there is 0 commitment.  If there is a marriage, that’s at least 75%commitment traveling to 100%.   Are you good enough to Marry or are you just a Starburst?  (I had to go hard on this one)  somebody say Amen!

You’re Amazing to GOD

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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