We were cool

I ran into a buddy of minute a few minutes ago. We’re not cool anymore. I remember when we were young, we went to a Eric B and Rankim concert at the Civic Center. Afterwards we were walking and the Murphy home boys walked up behind us and tried take HIS hat. I jumped in trying to help fight them off of him, and they caught me and kicked me and punched me and kick me and stomped me and kicked me and stomped me and he left me laying there on Baltimore Street while they moved on to their next victim. It was by GOD’S favor their blows didn’t kill me. In our adult life, back in 98, I was hanging in ATL and I took him with me because I looked pass the teenage stuff. I wanted to go to Magic City (I was curious)..lol. When we to got to ATL, he lied and said he left his money home, so I had to fit the bill for everything. His girlfriend wired him $100 but that was nothing. Then I looked out for him with a job and he quit it in two days and more recently he tried to impress his new lady by showing off for her using me as a pawn. He kept playing himself. I can’t deal with dudes who can’t hold their own….too dangerous. …their to weak and can hurt you while being reckless. Nope! So, what are you saying Cook? You have to cut tainted friendships before they infect you by mishandling your trust, stance, and faith. I will speak to the brother when I see him, but he handled our friendship poorly and we never deal with people who Mishandle our friendships. Know when to say NO to some friendship. Keep the convo short and keep it moving. quick handshake and kept it moving. It’s impossible to be FRIENDS with everyone!
Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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