What I Want In A Woman

I was in the barbershop, and someone asked would I date Oprah. She has money, she’s a boss, and she’s well connected. Lol, I told them, I don’t date Titles, Money, etc. I date POTENTIAL. I will date a woman working in 7-Eleven, IF she has POTENTIAL. If she is willing to grow and won’t feel inferior in my assisting her to grow, then the sky is the limit. I don’t care anything about what she has, where she works, etc. If you got the Potential, then we will take over the world. It’s not about what you have baby, but it’s about building ON what you have. I’m not looking to COMPLETE her, but I’m looking to accept her COMPLETELY. Lol, I just talk to a woman, who just so happens to go to go to the same gym I attend, push up on me at Wal-Mart. She began to sell me on what she has, what she does for a living, etc…if I were a opportunist, then I would have accepted her invitation to continue the conversation, but you can’t lead people on. COOK’S DATING ADVICE: Never date based on the tangible, but date on a standard of a WILLINGNESS to grow, because they could have the POTENTIAL, BUT AN AWFUL and LAZY WILLINGNESS. The only thing I require is Salvation and a Maryland State ID…lol. why an ID Cook? Because if she doesn’t have an ID, then that would suggest she has no Drive in her endeavors to Pull out the Potential. I hope this helps!

Richard T. Cook

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Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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