What You Say To Yourself Matters

just saw someone cussing themselves out! Calling themselves stupid and dumb…lol…I’ve been there! If the truth be told, all of have been there. Most of us, still talk bad to ourselves. Psychologist say that we talked to ourselves 50,000 times a day…out of that 80% is negative. Why do you think we do that Cook? I believe we Unconsciously do something to Shame ourselves so that we can heal the incident that caused us to feel the shame in the first place. I remember 15 years ago, I was going to Baltimore City Community College. I was apart of the Student Government. I was going hard for GOD. Forreal! GOD had given me a glimpse of my gifts and I was trying to force it on everyone. See its our gift that will make room for us and not us making room for the gift. So I had been invited to do the prayer at Martin’s West for all of these millionaires. This was my second invitation.  My only responsibility was to pray, and that’s it; but my old vice principal was there and others, and I wanted to prove to them that Richard Cook did something with his life. See, we ought never live our life or do outlandish things to prove to one or two people who we are , but at the expense of others. I went up to the podium and I wanted everyone to recognize what GOD was doing through me! I got up there and started preaching…OMG…and sounded a hot mess! It was awful! So for years that 1 mistake haunted me. So I would talk down to myself to try and heal the shame from that incident. Yet, a lot of us beat ourselves up over something that is out of our control and we can’t change it. We self-sabotage ourselves to make ourselves feel better about Ourselves…smh. Today is the day where the shame has to go, because if we don’t deal with the shame it will deal with us. We have to kill the shame and renew our minds. If we are ever to because Great we have to take the shackles of shame off. Well Cook, what about the gift? Lol, I’m letting it make room for me! It’s years later, but GOD had to shape my character to match the destination the gift is taking me..SEE YOU AT THE TOP!  

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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