You Cannot

You CANNOT: You can’t take a person somewhere……they don’t want to go. Some people have never been outside of Baltimore City or Baltimore County or East or West, so taking them to Columbia is Foreign to them and they would be rebel with bordem or shrink by the atmosphere of it. Either way, you have someone who can’t handle where you want to take them or at least show them something Different. You feel me? So, don’t waste your time trying to show someone, who’s not Interested or who will become a Problem going where you like to go or experiencing something different. Some people you have to leave Behind and let GOD bring them Forward because some of our Capacity can’t hold the Waste they bring. You can’t be Bruce Jenner thinking like Catalyin…double minded. You’re only as good as the body and purpose you were created for. Stop Holding yourself back for someone who doesn’t care if they Hold you up from moving Forward. I’m sitting in the rain thinking out loud.

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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