You want a Man huh?

So you want a Man?: Everyone desires to be loved, but can you handle the Modes; can you stick by his side if he falls impotent, or will you jump away like a Toad.  What if he gets cancer and loses a lot of Weight;  would you confess your loyalty,  but then be just like all the other ones that Pontificate. I’m just saying!  I’ve been reading on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram; about women who say they can’t find a Man, but never take into account if they Can, love him every step of the way and not just looking at his Hand-what he can Give! No, no, no, nobody is made to be Alone,  but me personally, I don’t want nobody who’s like a ice cream Cone;  get cold on me, no voice, no love, no Zone, leaving me with chills like the ALCS challenge,  Fro-zone; then she Warms me up when she wants to treat me like a Starbucks Scone, then nuking me in the Microwave for a quick thrill until I’m Blown! KABOOM!  Stop acting like you want a man, and stop posting you want a Date, because GOD ain’t gonna send you a suitable Mate; if you gonna treat him like a piece of Freight, acting like you do it all for your man, but it’s just Bait, but you still carry around the issues from your ex like dead Weight,  like the placenta around a child birth-poison Weight,  it will happen just Wait.  Don’t want a man just because you have a Vacancy; get him then you lose him because of your Complacency, I want a love who has a place for Me, not just a love who can only envision what she can See. Dream baby!  Hopefully,  I said something that will make you think Differently, make you approach love Definitively, like you heart matters, and not just a search out of Spontaneity, because real love doesn’t need any Sponsorship, just like a Cinnabon, it speaks for itself,  now I’m feeling the kid in Me. Yummy!  Goodnight Family~cook

Richard T. Cook

About Richard T. Cook

Richard Cook is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Teacher, and Servant.

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